Warranty standard

What our limited warranty does not covers:

Dowinx’s warranty commitments do not cover claims resulting from:
-Wear and tear, or due to the aging of materials.
-Minor deviations of the Products from images posted in the Stores or due to naturally occurring variations in the materials used or manual assembly of Products.
-Improper assembly, use or care, contact with animals, or the site or environmental conditions (such as environments with high heat, high humidity, high salinity, or pollutant gases).
-Use in anything other than a domestic or private setting.
-Contact with moisture (including, without limitation, due to conditions such as hyperhidrosis or contact with aqueous or organic solvents), thermal degradation, or elements that are known to cause a breakdown of materials.
-Modifications or failure to follow the recommended aftercare instructions.
-Abuse, negligence, accident, fire or water damage, transportation by the customer, or other causes beyond our control.
Please follow the Aftercare Guide and Assembly Guide to prevent your voiding of the Limited Warranty. These instructions were included in your product packaging and are available online at dowinx.com.

Refund&Return Policy

We hope you can like our chairs.If our chair does not meet your expectations,please do not return the goods privately.
Before you make the final decision, don’t forget that all our chairs are covered by our warranty, situations such as broken parts or failure of lifting can be solved through the free parts replacement service.
If you have any questions, please write to our customer support team via the support center. They will do their best to get you back to your game.
In the unlikely event that you need to return a product, we invite you to review the following terms:
All returns must be authorized by our Team via the support center. Returned items without an Return Merchandise Form (RMA) will not be accepted.