According to our after-sale statistics, 34% of malfunctions are caused by installation errors. Please review the installation steps according to the detailed instructions video.
Q: What should I do if the headrest always touches my shoulders after assembly?
A: Please reset the headrest position according to the picture.
Q: Why can’t my lumbar pillow move up and down smoothly?
A: Please check whether the belt of the lumbar pillow is passed through the designated place, if not, please follow the video to reinstall the lumbar pillow.
Q: My backrest shakes uncontrollably and cannot be fixed
A: Please make sure that the 4 screws on both sides of the backrest have been tightened. If it is still shaking after tightening, please send the video of the backrest shaking to our after-sales mailbox. Our professional customer service will serve you.
Q: My chair cannot recline, and the reclining function does not work
A: It may not be smooth the first time you use it, please push the adjustment lever firmly. If the reclining function is abnormal after pushing hard, please send the shaking video to our after-sales mailbox. Our professional customer service will serve you.
Q: My chair cannot be raised and lowered.
A: Because the height adjustment function requires the cooperation of the tilt mechanism and the gas cylinder to take effect, please try again after separating the gas cylinder and the tilt mechanism, and shake it after sitting on the chair to ensure that gas cylinder and the tilt mechanism are tightly combined. If the problem is still not solved after trying, please send the video that the chair cannot be raised or lowered to our after-sale mailbox. Our professional customer service will serve you
Q: My chair is tilted forward, I easily slip off the chair
A: Please check the installation direction of the tilt mechanism, the tilt mechanism has the function of tilting backward, if it is installed reversely, it will tilt forward. Normally, the adjusting handle is on your right hand side.
Q: My footrest cannot be inserted, and my footrest is difficult to pull out
A: The force of inserting and pulling out the footrest can be adjusted. For details, please see the installation steps of the footrest.
Q: The chair side cover cannot be installed.
A: Please install it again according to the picture/video
Q: The bolts for the armrest of my chair are bent and the armrest cannot be installed
A: This may be caused by being squeezed during transportation. If you have a screwdriver or similar tool, you only need to insert the screwdriver into the bolt hole to straighten the bolt. (Please refer to the video) If you can’t solve it, please contact our after-sales mailbox. Our professional customer service will serve you
Q: I received the chair, but it lacks the accessories needed to assemble it. I don’t have many screws in the installation guide
A: In order to prevent the screws from being lost during transportation, many screws have been pre-installed on the chair. Please check the underside of the seat and the side of the backrest, and then you will find it. Please refer to it again to confirm whether the screw is missing. If it is indeed lost, you can mark the missing attachment in the user manual and send it to us, and we will reissue it for you immediately.
Q: What should I do if my chair always makes strange noises?
A: Please try to add some lubricating oil to the screws and tighten the screws again. If the problem persists,please provide a video reflecting the problem to our customer service and ask for help.